The Gunners have been in the middle of the transfer market for several months now, and the club is in a hurry to get the best out of the players it has. However, the situation in the transfer window is not the only factor that should be considered. The main thing is to get a new goalkeeper.
The situation is not so bad, but the club still needs to strengthen the defense. The team needs to get rid of the deadwood, and it is possible that the club will make a move for a new defender. The transfer window closes in a few days, and now it is time to make a decision.

The transfer of Lukas Fabianski is one of the main events of the summer. The German player was the main star of the previous season, and he was able to demonstrate his class for the club. He was a key player in the team, and his performance was very good.
However, the transfer of Fabianska is not enough, and in the future the club needs to make other transfers. Arsenal has a long way to go, and this is why the club must be careful in the upcoming transfer window.
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New Arsenal player: Lukasz Fabianskis
The club needs a new player, and they are looking for a goalkeeper. The club is very active in the market, and there are many clubs that are ready to buy the goalkeeper. Arsenal is one such club, and Fabianskas is a good choice for the job.
Lukasz is a very good goalkeeper, and many experts consider him as the best in the whole world. The goalkeeper has a good contract, which will allow him to leave the club in the next season. The Gunners are in a very bad shape, and a new signing will be able to help the team to get out of this situation.
In the summer, the club bought a lot of players, and among them are:
* Lukas Rosicky;
* Wojciech Szczesny;
* Lukas Podolski.
It is very important for the team that it gets a goalkeeper, because it needs to replace the one who is injured. The new goalkeeper will help the club to get into the Champions League zone, and will be a great help to the team.
If the club decides to buy a new goalie, then it will be very difficult to find a suitable replacement. It is very likely that the goalkeeper will be the same as the one that is currently in the squad of the Gunners.
Arsenal’s Prospects in the New Season
The team is in the worst shape it has been in for several years, and its chances of getting into the top 4 of the English Premier League are very low. The problem is that the team has a lot to improve. The most important thing is a new keeper.
This summer, Arsenal bought a new striker, and for this reason the club has to strengthen its defense. If the club does not make a transfer, then the chances of the team getting into top-4 of the Premier League will be even lower.
There are many rumors about the club’ s transfer policy in the near future, and these rumors are not very reliable. The situation in Arsenal is not stable, and if the club fails to buy new players, then this will affect the results the team will get in the long run.
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Main Transfer News for Arsenal
The main transfer news for the Gunner is the signing of Lukaku. The Belgian player has become the main striker of the French team, which was not very successful in the previous seasons.
After the transfer, the team is now in a good shape, but it needs a lot more work to get to the top-four. The current Arsenal lineup is not very impressive, and even the goalkeeper is not that good. The coach wants to strengthen his squad, and Lukaku is a great choice for this.
Many experts consider the player a good striker, but he is also a good goalkeeper. He is able to save the team from the worst situation, and is able also to score goals. The player has a contract with the club, which means that he will leave the team in the nearest future.
Due to this, the Gunnarsson’ family will have to find another striker, because the club can not afford to lose such a good player. Arsenal needs to buy another striker to replace Lukaku, and that is why it is very interesting to follow events in this transfer market.
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