Man United will do everything to win the Champions League, but the team has to be careful not to lose its shape. This will be especially important if the club is to fight for the title.
It is clear that the Red Devils will have to make a number of changes in the summer, because the club needs to strengthen the position of the goalkeeper, as well as strengthen the line of attack.
The main goal of the team is to win gold medals in the Champions league, but if it is not possible to do this, then the club will have a chance to win at least the Europa League.
Will Manchester United Win the Champions Leagues?
The previous season, the Red devils were the main contender for the champion title. However, the team failed in the final match, and it lost to Real Madrid.
This was the third time that the team lost to the Spanish capital club. The previous time, the loss of the title was caused by the fact that the Madrid team was stronger than the Red.
However, the current season was not the best for the team. The main reason for this is the fact the coach of the club, Jose Mourinho, who is famous for his attacking football.
In the previous season the Portuguese coach managed to win only once, and he lost the Champions title to Liverpool.

The current season also brought problems to the team, because Mourinho’s players did not show their best game.
If the team does not win the title, then it will be very difficult to get into the Europa league.
Main Chances for the Red Devil’ss
The team has a number advantages over its rivals. First of all, it has a good lineup. The team has the following players:
1. Lukaku. The Belgian striker scored a number 1 goal in the current campaign. He scored 6 goals in the previous one. The player is a good finisher and has a great vision.
2. Jorginho. The Portuguese goalkeeper is a great goalkeeper, who can save the team from a number.
3. Rashford. The American striker is a versatile player, who also has a decent left foot.
4. Pogba. The Frenchman is an excellent midfielder.
5. De Gea. The Spaniard is a strong goalkeeper.
6. Matic. The Croatian is a solid defender.
7. Smalling. The Englishman is a top striker.
8. Sane. The Algerian is a talented winger.
9. Lingard. The Irishman is an attacking midfielder. He has a nice left foot, which makes him a good choice for the attack. He is a leader and is able to decide the fate of the game. He also has good experience, which is a plus.
10. Alonso. The Chilean striker scored 6 times in the season. He can also be considered as a leader.
11. Giroud. The French forward scored a lot of goals, which led to the fact he is a leading scorer of the EPL.
12. Valencia. The club has a lot to offer in the transfer market.
As a result, the club has the best lineup in the EFL Cup.
Manchester United’ Current Situation
The club has several problems. First, the lack of motivation of the players. Mourinho is famous not only for his football, but also for his personal life. He often has a scandalous relationship with the Spanish model Carrero Blanco.
Secondly, the coach is not able to find the right players for the club. For example, the Portuguese is not interested in the players who are not able or willing to play for the main team.
Also, the main problem of the Red is the lack in funds. The current season the club spent only 2 million, which was a lot for the situation.
All these factors will make it very difficult for the management to win a place in the top 4.
Favorites of the Current Season
The Red devils have a number one position in the standings. However the main question is whether the team will be able to win in the next season.
For this, the following factors should be considered:
· The lack of a serious transfer campaign. The players are not interested only in the money.
· The lack of the motivation of Mourinho.
Thirdly, the fact there is a gap between the teams in the table.
Despite this, Manchester United has a chance of winning the champion’ title. The following factors will help the club to do so:
● Excellent lineup.
● Good teamwork.
• Good results.
Here, the most important thing is to find a good combination of players.
Team’ Goals for the Next Season
Manchester united has a long and successful history. The Red devils are the most successful team in the English Premier League. The last time the team won the title of the best team was in 1991.
During the current championship, the players of the Manchester club have a good chance to achieve great results. The coach of this team, Josep Guardiola, is famous both for his tactical decisions and for his individual skills.
Among the main goals of the current team are:
* Winning the champion’s title.

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