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The ex-Milan player is now looking for a new club and is trying to find a new home. “I am not a free agent and I am not going to leave the Milanese. I am here to play, but I am also looking for new challenges.”
“I’m not a candidate for a transfer, but if someone wants to buy me, he has to pay a lot. I’ll be a free man, but not for long.“
‘“It’s not easy to find the right club. I have a lot of options, but the most important thing is to be able to show my best game.’
” ““The situation in Italy is not good, but we can always find a place in the Champions League.‘
’“There are a lot more players in the Milan squad, so we can strengthen it. We have to focus on the upcoming games.„
„We are not going anywhere, we’re here to stay. We’ve had a great season, and we want to do even better.‟
‟“We’d like to stay here, but it’ s not easy. There are a few clubs that are interested in us, but they have to pay us a lot, and that’S not the best way to do it.‛
‛“If we want a place at the top, we have to show the best game, and it‘s important to be focused.‚“
‚We‘re happy here, we can relax, and the team is in good shape.‬
‡ “We are very happy here. We can relax and do our best. We are not leaving the club, we are here to do our job.‡
† “The team is very motivated. We want to win the Scudetto, and if we do it, we will be very happy.†
‰ “It’s difficult to find good players, but now we have a good squad. We’re not going somewhere, we want it here.‰
′ “This is our home, so it’s very important for us to win. We will do our very best, and I hope we can do it in the next season.′
‹ “Now we are very focused on the next games, we need to show our best game and win the title.‹
› “If the team wins, we’ll be very pleased, but at the moment we are not at the best.›
※ “There is no problem in the transfer market, but there are a number of clubs interested in the player.※
‼ “Milan is a great club, but for us it’s not the right moment to make a big decision.‼
‽ “Right now we need time to rest, and then we will make the right decision. We’ll see what’s the best for us.‽
‵ “Our future is clear, we just need to focus and do the best we can.‵
‴ “Of course we want the title, we know it’s our goal.‴
‸ “At the moment, we’re not at our best, but that’s normal. We need to do better. We don‘t have many games left, so now we just have to do the job. We know we can win the championship, so the next step is to win it. It‘ll be very difficult, but in the end we‘ve got to do what we have always done, and this is the most difficult thing for us, because we“ve always won. 
 “Of the top six we”ll be the main contenders for the title in the long run. 
 “”We”ve got a good team, we always have a chance to win, so there“s no doubt about that. 
 “In the long term, we should be able win the Champions”s League. We always have the chance to do this, so if we‗ll do our maximum, we won“t be disappointed. 
 “Now it“ll be really difficult, because the team needs to play in the best possible way. 
 “Right from the start we were not in the perfect form, but after the winter break we ll be able play better. Now we‚ll see what will happen in the new season. We should be in the top 6, but right now we‛ll see how the team will play in this season. If we‖ll be in a good shape, then we‡ll be ready for the future. 
 “Milano has a good chance to fight for the Champions league.

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