The start of the season at Atleti was not the best for the players, who were unable to achieve the desired results. The main reason for this was the lack of motivation. The team was in the middle of the standings, and it was obvious that the main task for the team was the Champions League.
The first matches of the new season were not successful for the club, and the players were not able to demonstrate their maximum. The first matches were not a success for the squad, and there were several reasons for this.
1. Lack of motivation
The players were tired of the long and difficult season, and they did not want to play in the Champions league. This is why the first matches at the tournament were not so successful for them.
2. Lackadaisical performance
The team was not able not only to get into the Champions but also to win it. The players had a hard time to find the right balance between attacking and defensive football.
3. Injuries
The club was hit by several injuries, and this affected the results of the team.

The main problem of the Atletico team is the lackadaisiness of the players. The club has a long bench, and many players are not able at once to start the game. This has a negative effect on the results.
However, the team is still in the top 4 of La Liga, and if it can achieve the same results, then it will be a real success.
In the next season, the club will try to improve the situation, and in particular, it will try not to lose points in the domestic arena.
Atletico is a team that can be very dangerous for other teams, and its success depends on the number of victories in all tournaments.
Follow the results on fscore
The season is almost over, and now it’s time to evaluate the results and the performance of the teams. The fscore site is a great resource for the fans, which provides information on the performance and results of football matches.
This year, the Atletic team has been in the leading position for a long time, and for this reason, the fans can expect a lot of victories. The new season will be very interesting, and we will see if the team will be able to achieve its goals.
You can follow the results at fscore, and you will be the first to know about the changes in the standings.
Will the team be able not to give up the fight for the champion title?
The new season of the Spanish championship promises to be very exciting, and even the most skeptical fans will not be able stop themselves from enjoying the game of their favorite teams.
There are several factors that can help the team to achieve success, and among them are:
1) The experience of the leaders.
Many of them have already won the Champions trophy, and their experience will be extremely useful.
Another important factor is the selection of players for each position. For example, in the attack, the main players are the attackers, and these are the players who can decide the fate of the match.
They are:
• Diego Costa;

• “Roma”;
It is also worth noting the great performance of “Lionel Messi”, who scored a lot in the new campaign.
As for the defense, the players are: “Valencia” and “Montero” for the first line, “Barcelona” in the second line, and ‘Atletico’ in the third.
If we talk about the most important players for the success of the club in the next championship, then we can mention:
•“Monaco” (who is a real leader);
•the “Real” team;
and “Liverpool” as a team.
2) The selection of the best players for every position.
Of course, this is not enough to achieve victory, but it is a good start.
For example, the selection is very important in the defense. The best defenders in the world are: Sergio Agüero, David De Gea, and David Silva.
These players are very important for the successful performance of their teams. In the attack the main stars are: Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.
All of them can decide a match in a flash.
Also, the fact that many of them are already in the best position in the history of the championship is a guarantee of success. The fans can always follow the performance on the fscore website, and not miss anything important.

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